Piñon-Juniper Literature Database

Bureau of Land Management

Project Overview

Welcome to our piñon-juniper literature database. The Colorado State Forest Service, in cooperation with the Colorado State Office of the Bureau of Land Management, designed this tool for natural resource and forest managers, landowners, researchers and the public to better manage and understand the dynamics of one of Colorado’s most extensive and valuable forest types. The database contains approximately 500 formal and informal literature references on piñon-juniper management, ecology, utilization and resource values in an easy to search format.

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A Note to Users

Certain documents are not available for download. This is due to copyright restrictions mainly associated with journal articles, some university materials and older references. Users, however, are provided with complete reference information so they can contact the publication source directly.

We welcome users' feedback on the functionality and content of our database, which includes reporting difficulties accessing and using the database.

Questions and comments can be sent to Tim Reader at treader@lamar.colostate.edu.